Quick scan & scenario analysis of a Dutch hotel group which was severely hit by the Corona crisis

A Dutch hotel group started in 2007 and expanded gradually to multiple cities in The Netherlands. This Company differs from other hotel chains by their unique award winning hotel concepts. Until the Corona outbreak the EBITDA development was positive. The Corona crisis had a severe impact on occupancy rates, exploitation and liquidity. As recovery is expected only from mid 2021 on, a liquidity shortage was expected which would endure for the full year 2021. Assisted by Beaufort the company calculated this shortage for different scenarios and requested the bank to provide additional financing under the BMKB-C scheme. As this schema is government backed, multiple stakeholders were to be convinced of the prospects of the Company. The insights from the Beaufort report backed up by the good pre-Corona results of the Company, led to the requested additional financing, which was provided after completion of this assignment.

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