Validation of the forecasting model of a well-known sport brand with both a summer and winter collection

This company, with a turnover of approx. €18m is a well-known sport brand with both a summer and winter collection. The company was affected severely by the economic crisis in the Netherlands, resulting in losses in 2015 and 2016. Furthermore, the company's auditor had to adjust the historical annual accounts, following an invalid valuation of the stock positions and correction of errors. This situation has led to multiple changes of the CFO position. The bank had requested the company to validate its forecasting model, to better align the asset-based facility with the liquidity need. Beaufort assisted the company by implementing the input from the company's administrative systems, the solidity of the assumptions, a proper calculation of the cash flows, and financing following the asset base within the model. Based on the results, the facility has been continued pending an additional capital injection.

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