What impact does the Coronavirus crisis have on the cashflow of your commercial real estate portfolio

Nieuwegein, May 2020

The Coronavirus crisis has enormous impact on our society and economy.

As a result many companies have seen a steep decline of their turnover, whilst expenses remain to be covered. This also applies to the real estate sector.

The coronavirus crisis can have considerable effect on your cash flow- and liquidity position.

In such a situation it is recommended to look at various scenario’s in order to assess the impact of the imposed measures. By means of an extensive cash flow- and scenario analysis Beaufort can assist in determining what challenges you, your lender or other stakeholders could possibly run into.

For further information on the above mentioned services we kindly refer to the presentation under ‘Insight in Cashflow & Scenario Analysis’ on our website.

In addition Beaufort can assist you with all the (re)financing of your real estate portfolio and/or with the (re)negotiation of the conditions agreed with your current lender. With our long term experience in the real estate finance sector, and background in banking we understand your objectives and the requirements of the lenders. This means we can conduct our assignments in an efficient manner achieving the best suitable solution for you.

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