RESOR, Beaufort and Van Doorne look back at a successful breakfast meeting

Nieuwegein, March 2019

On March 19th 2019, RESOR, Beaufort and Van Doorne organized yet another breakfast meeting of the so-called ‘Round Table Special Asset Management’. The session was led by Sebastiaan van den Berg, attorney at RESOR, who gave a lecture about the complexity of valuations in legal proceedings. A matter on which Sebastiaan van den Berg can be viewed as an expert, as he recently finished a PhD titled ‘Valuation in Dutch Corporate Law and Dutch Bankruptcy Law’ under supervision of prof. mr. S.C.J.J. Kortmann and prof. dr. W.G.M. Holterman.

In legal proceedings, the valuation of a company can often play an important role. This is the case in, for instance, a squeeze-out proceeding or in a proceeding in the (possibly) upcoming law involving the WHOA. However, from a legal perspective there is no clear understanding of the concept of ‘value’. Many different notions of value exist, such as the ‘fair value’, the ‘objective value’ and the ‘real value’. The lack of a clear understanding of the concept can be a source of legal inequality.

In an interesting and interactive session, Sebastiaan van den Berg discussed this intricate subject. He also explained some complicated valuation questions such as the redemption option value and the reorganization value.

We look back at a very interesting and interactive session and would like to thank Sebastiaan and the participants for their presence and input.  

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