‘Interest rate increasements: cause of a new crisis?’. Beaufort looks back on a successful breakfast meeting.

Nieuwegein, September 2018

As in recent years, Van Doorne, RESOR and Beaufort organized a breakfast meeting in Amsterdam. The theme of the meeting was: ‘Interest rate increasements: cause of a new crisis?’. DNB claims that a sudden increase in interest rates is currently one of the most important risks for the financial stability. Such interest rate increasements can seriously hit governments, companies and consumers with (high) debts having to pay more interest on their loans. But how real is an interest rate increase in the Netherlands? How big of an increase can be expected? And which sector would be most sensitive to interest rate increasements?

During breakfast, Han de Jong, Chief Economist of ABN AMRO and enthusiastic commentator of financial markets, provided his vision on the possible effects of an increase in interest rates. On behalf of Van Doorne and RESOR as well, we would like to thank him sincerely for his interesting contribution.

Click here to download handouts of Han de Jong's presentation.

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