Beaufort launches book about health care real estate

Nieuwegein, March 2018

Dutch nursing homes have been heavily influenced by fundamental changes in laws and regulations. Under the old laws and regulations, it was practically without risk for nursing homes to develop and own health care real estate. The Dutch government would often (indirectly) pay for (the development of) real estate by means of the so-called ‘nacalculatie’, which refers to the practice in which development costs and depreciation costs would be payed for or reimbursed by the Dutch government. Under the new laws and regulations, however, this practice has been terminated and the nursing homes have to be able to carry the liabilities associated with the development and ownership of real estate by themselves. 

In light of these changes in laws and regulations, we teamed up with dr. Rick Aalbers from the Radboud University in Nijmegen to conduct research on this subject. How are nursing homes influenced by the changes in laws and regulations? Why do some nursing homes choose to lease their real estate, while others choose to develop and own their real estate? How important is the ability to innovate in this matter and how does real estate influence the ability to innovate? Is it possible for nursing homes to work more efficient and how can real estate be used to achieve efficiency? These are the questions we asked ourselves during our research. In the summer of 2017, we embarked on a journey to find the answers to these questions. We travelled over 4.000 kilometers in order to interview nursing home managers. We published our findings in a (Dutch) book titled: “4.000 kilometer door het zorglandschap. Gesprekken met bestuurders over vastgoed, efficiëntie en innovatie”.

The book provides insights in the issues faced by nursing home managers with regards to the changes in laws and regulations and the way in which they deal with these issues. Furthermore, the book contains (possible) explanations for striking differences between nursing homes. It shows, for example, that some nursing homes currently lease their real estate because they are ‘stuck’ with long-term lease contracts that have been signed many years ago. Some of these lease contracts have a duration period of several decades. This is one explanation as to why some nursing homes lease real estate and others own real estate. “4.000 kilometer door het zorglandschap” is a suitable read for nursing home managers, supervisors, insurers, and funders.

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Beaufort also published the (Dutch) book “Kompas Herstructurering in de Zorg”. This book discusses the strategic, organizational, legal, and financial aspects of restructuring in the health care sector. 

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