Beaufort 360 ° Efficiency Compass: a smart tool to quickly improve the financial performance of a company

All companies have the ambition to realize extra returns and entrepreneurs often know that there are lots of possibilities to improve the financial performance of the company. The opportunities for extra return is often difficult to identify. Often there is no time or capacity available within the company to identify this potential.

To help companies with this, Beaufort has developed a method that can quickly identify and realize efficiency improvement. By using the Beaufort 360 ° Efficiency Compass, a limited amount of time can be used to create a lot of added value for a company.

The management of a company is asked to fill in an online questionnaire consisting of approximately 200 questions which are subdivided into 11 dimensions. For this, Beaufort has developed a user-friendly online environment.

The 11 dimensions are: strategy, management & governance, risk management, finance, ICT, Innovation, marketing & sales, purchasing & logistics, operational management and personnel, culture & organization.

After the questionnaires have been completed, the results are analyzed by Beaufort. Beaufort has developed a model with which the return potential is calculated.

After the client (management) has completed the tool, a report will be created that provides insight into the company's return potential.


Added value for company

The added value of the tool lies in the following areas:

  • Insight into opportunities to improve the organization and the return.
  • An excellent basis for a constructive discussion within the company from the total perspective of (the future of) the company.
  • The contribution of each participant counts and is heard.
  • Insight into the degree of unity of vision within the management team.
  • The ability to prioritize and 'get the noses on the same path'.



With the Efficiency Compass developed by Beaufort, the profitability of a company can be significantly improved in a short period of time.

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